The KinderPod Story

The KinderPod Story

Strollers, buggies, prams, pushchairs, baby carriages…

Whatever you know them as, they are child transportation devices that are a lifesaver when you are caring for little ones especially if you are responsible for multiple young children at once!

As you know, the more babies and toddlers in your care, the trickier it is to connect your young learners with their local community and environment.

Fortunately, getting out and about is a lot simpler, quicker and greener thanks to KinderPod, the multi-seat baby stroller that’s a life-changer.

Like any business, we have a story. Today, we will let you in on who we are and what we do. Let’s get rolling!

The KinderPod Story – A Life-Changing Multi Seat Stroller

The Birth Of KinderPod

How did the strongest, most versatile stroller in the world come to be?

Like many birth stories, there were some happy coincidences, some inspired meetings, and a lot of hard work!

KinderPod came about when our founder Patricia met with the original owner and designer of an iconic worldwide stroller brand. Words were exchanged, ideas flowed, inspiration struck, and an opportunity was presented to produce a unique multi-seat child stroller for the Early Childcare Education community – the first of its kind in the world!

Patricia had just completed a Diploma of Health Science and realised the significance a multi seat child stroller would have on the health and wellbeing of early childcare educators and the young learners in their care.

From ideas to reality, KinderPod has come a long way. With each new stage of development this multiseat child stroller goes from strength to strength due to input from our KinderPod community, along with new design ideas. These are then actioned by our clever and smart design and engineering team before being ordered for production.

What Is A KinderPod?

At heart, KinderPod is a double stroller. But it is not just any type of pushchair.  Kinderpod has been coined the 'Land Rover' of strollers.

This very special double stroller is designed to walk multiple children of mixed ages together with ease. In fact, you can easily harness up to six young children safely in their seats. 

Our child chariots (aka child travel systems) are the world’s most adaptable and modular baby buggies. They are also the strongest. Built to last, these durable, safe, and easy to use pushchairs will be with you as your nursery, child minding or early child education centre (or family) grows!

The KinderPod Arohanui Collection


Arohanui – Arohanui translates to “big love,” because this collection can seat up to six young children from newborn to pre-school age and that’s a whole lot of love! A Arohanui double stroller seats two children side by side, with up to four optional pods (seats). Don’t worry though, they still fit through standard doorways!

Start with a Double stroller or choose from a Three, Four, Five and Six seat packages

More Than Strollers

While we love to supply our unique multi-seat child strollers that get your young learners safely moving, we want to keep you moving too! Service is an incredibly important part of what we do.

If you have any questions about the best configuration for your circumstances or which model and accessories will work best for you, then we are always here to help.

If something does unexpectedly go wrong, then you can rely on us to work on a solution immediately. We are a small team who intricately know the workings of our unique strollers, therefore we will ensure you are not left alone to resolve an issue.  We are only a phone call or message away. 

We know that taking young children out for walks is an important aspect of children's early education which assists with their development, confidence and awareness. And we don't want you or your young learners to lose that sense of freedom. You can rely on KinderPod to provide a service that helps keeps your education and care service operating.

Why You Need The World’s Best Multi Seat Stroller

At KinderPod, it’s our mission to help you with your education mission. We know getting out the door with multiple children can be challenging. But, that doesn’t mean it should hold you back from your planned adventures!

KinderPod is a safe, maneuverable, strong pushchair that enables you to take all your young learners of mixed ages out walking together.

Imagine being able to quickly harness up to six children safely in their stroller seats during an evacuation event!

With one KinderPod double stroller and up to four optional seats, twelve different seating arrangements are created. No need to waste good storage space housing many different stroller types anymore. 

The versatility of a KinderPod double stroller enables you to choose what works best for you and the needs of the children in your care. When you have a KinderPod, it’s a breeze to take a break away from your early childcare centre, whether you are needing to walk two children or six.

To see our KinderPods in action or find out more, head over to our homepage and feast your eyes on our life-changing prams.