Kinderpod FAQs

Do I have to buy additional seats with the initial purchase of a single or double stroller?

No. You can buy either our single or double base model on its own and then if you require extra seating at a later date, just jump online and buy an extra seat to meet your growing family’s requirements – simple.

Do you have tutorial videos about the products?

Yes. There is a video tab alongside the product when you view it. We are also constantly adding videos in the tutorial section of our website.

Does Kinderpod fit in my car?

Yes, all KinderPods have been designed to be easily packed away in the boot of an average sized car. Refer to attached video.

How do I buy a Kinderpod?

You can make your purchase through the website. You can also message us to arrange purchase and delivery options to suit you.

What is the price?

Because KinderPod buggies are so versatile and have many seating arrangements, it is hard for us to answer this question until you know what configuration of buggy, and any additional seats that may be required to suit your situation. You can contact us and we can assist you with this or you can view our website for prices, special bundle packages or to build your own KinderPod, just the way you want it.

Your currency from the country you are in should display automatically. If this does not happen please select the currency for your country in the drop down menu.

Are payment plans available?

There are a couple of different payment plan options available depending on which part of the world you live in.

After Pay is available currently for United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australian customers only. Please be aware After Pay generally have a $2000 limit for online purchases. If your KinderPod purchase is more than this limit we suggest contacting us. After Pay are working on cross border transactions for customers from other countries such as USA. If you are not currently a Afterpay account holder you can visit

Pre-purchase plans are also available for both international and local customers. Payments can be made either with credit card or internet banking services (NZ only). Please message or Contact us to organise this. Free shipping offers and specials are excluded from this type of payment plan.

Where do you ship from?

We are an online store and ship direct to our customers from our warehouse in New Zealand. KinderPods are not available through retail outlets. If there is a particular requirement or question you have that is not covered on our website Contact us.

Do you do online demonstrations?

Yes you can book a on-line demo to see a KinderPod in action and to ask questions. Please click Contact us here to arrange a time or message.

What is the forward vision like when there are additional seats on the top position?

The double buggy has an optional adaptor bar that mounts the single baby recliner seat to the left-hand side of the double stroller in the top position for better forward vision. If you are not taller than165cm then we would recommend the double baby recliner seat is mounted in either the front or rear position of the double baby buggy (infants and small babies only). The toddler seats do not impede forward vision in the top position.

Can you adjust the handlebars?

Yes. The handlebars are telescopic and slide in or out and can be locked in position to a height that is comfortable for you. For taller people the handlebar can be inserted “upward” giving an extra 60mm of height.

Does the double buggy fit through standard doors?

This depends on the width of a standard door frame in your country. The width of the double buggy is 77cm and it fits through most standard doors in New Zealand.

Is the buggy easy to push with multiple children in it?

Yes, it is very easy to push and is very manoeuvrable as well. That is of course on a reasonably level surface. We do not suggest you go “off roading” when transporting extra children above what the base models permit. Check this video out.

Can baby lie back into a sleeping position in the baby seats?

Yes. As the name of the seats suggest “Reclining” Baby Seat. All the Reclining Baby Seats including the base model main buggy seats can be reclined to just above the flat position. See the videos of how easy it is to adjust them in the photo/video gallery. The double Reclining Baby Seats can be adjusted independently of each other.

What is the warranty on the product?

We offer a 12-month warranty on any faulty items. See our returns and exchanges policy.

Would these buggies be suitable for day-care centres etc?

Yes. KinderPods are designed with families of multiple children and pre-school centres in mind. A key benefit; being able to walk multiple children while they are safely harnessed into their seats. We have many childcare centres walking their children with a KinderPod or two. Check out this video.

Are the wheels solid or air filled?

Our tyres are pneumatic (air filled). This makes for a comfortable ride for your children and more comfort for you pushing the buggy. This also makes the buggy more usable for all terrain situations, for example, the beach. We have had very few issues from customers concerning flat tyres. Our tyres and tubes are generally a standard item worldwide, and most cycle repair shops will repair or replace a tube quickly. We can supply.

What is the weight capacity of the additional seats?

The weight capacity for an individual recliner baby seat is 12kg. The weight capacity for an individual toddler seat is 15kg.

Is the buggy stable with the different seating arrangements?

Yes. It is tried and true over a number of years. The operator instructions in the manual provided with your purchase must be adhered too. It is recommended that the heaviest children would always be placed in the main buggy seat/s particularly when the double recliner seat is attached in the rear position of a double stroller. Subsequent lighter children would be placed in the additional seating. The loading and disembarking of the buggy would require the main buggy seats to be loaded first, followed by any extra children into the extra seats. Disembarking would be in reverse. See below for extra remarks regarding the single buggy base model.

What is the stability of the 3-wheel Single Buggy with extra seating like?

When additional seating is used on the single base model, we recommend purchasing a stability bar kit. This kit turns the 3-wheeler into a 4-wheeler in under two minutes – very cool. Check out the video.

Why is the Rain cover made in two pieces?

Rather than removing the entire rain cover to access your child (in the rain) the canopy cover stays in place and the front part of the rain cover can be partly unzipped giving easy access to your child without the need for the canopy to get wet. Check out the video.

Why does the Buggy under-carriage bag have straps on it?

The under-carriage bag doubles as a backpack. It is simple to remove and install it, to and from the buggy. Check out the video.

What is the carry weight of the buggy?

A KinderPod carry weight is comparable to other baby buggy brands. The Double KinderPod base model is 15kg. The Single KinderPod base model is 12 kg.

Will the brake hold the buggy on a slope?

For safety reasons never leave your buggy unattended, especially on a slope. Our answer to this question is No.

Can I get spare parts?

Yes, just contact us. We carry a full set of replacement parts at our warehouse. We may require a photo of the part to ensure we dispatch the correct item.

Does the buggy lock in the collapsed position?


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