KinderPod single stroller with two seats attached; a toddler seat and baby recliner seat attached.

The stroller that works for you........

KinderPod Strollers are designed to walk multiple children. This enables our customers to walk stress free while out on daily routines - while walking to do school runs, shop or take some time to go out on adventure walks.

Aroha is often translated as “Love”  In Maori and is the name of the KinderPod single stroller. The amazing Aroha single stroller has just over 20 different seating arrangements and will seat up to four children with optional seats (pods). You decide how to seat the children!

... its how we build our buggies.

Arohanui is a Māori word and, as with many Polynesian words, there is no direct meaning or translation into English. The literal meaning is "BIG LOVE".

Our double stroller collection -Arohanui buggies, start as our double (side x side) buggy and grow with your family using our unique seating options.

A KinderPod double stroller with a single toddler seat attached on top to walk three children.

Loved by Mums and Childcare providers around the world ......

Our buggy lets us wander over the farm with Macaulay and Sophie, safely and securely - they love it and so do we!

Tascha & Nathan

Yes it is the best thing for getting all the little ones around.


We have assembled and had a play, the seats are huge, so much growing room. Thank you so much.


Hi Patricia - The children love their ride especially the ones who sit on top!


Perfection! ...How much better could this get!!  All my babies in one stroller and having a view!


I love my babies stroller, easy to fold and unfold.  My 3 year old loves it and as for a Mum with 3 kids, I highly recommend KinderPod.


Love it!  Have tried as a double, double plus 2 and double plus toddler seat and its amazing......


The walks are great......I love the pram so much!  So glad I decided to go with it.


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