Privacy Policy

Personal Information we collect

KinderPod collects personal information so we can manage the transaction and delivery of our products and offer future promotions to customers.

The personal information we collect may include:

      • name, address and contact details  
      • information about a product or service you purchased from us, the place of purchase and information about your ownership of the product 
      • details about the product(s) you bought, the reason why you contacted us and the advice we gave you 
      • product reviews, comments, photos and forum posts that you have submitted
      • credit and financial information and checks, including validation of identity i.e.PayStation is the transaction gateway provider 


  • information about your social network profile such as your social network ID, profile picture, gender and location
  • information about your visit to our website, such as your browser software, which pages you view and which items you 'clicked' on
  • information about where your device is physically located for example, when you are using a geo-location service or application and you have provided consent to your location being shared
  • the fact that you have clicked on a 'like' or 'tweet' or similar button in one of our websites or services or one of our pages on a social network site, which we may associate with the details that we store about you 
  • service, product or server logs, which hold technical information about your use of our product or websites, such as your IP address, domain, device and application settings, errors and hardware activity 

How we collect personal information

Whenever possible, we collect personal information directly from you. Collection occurs when you apply or request information or a product from us. During our relationship with you we may continue to collect personal information. Information may be collected in various ways, such as mail, internet, telephone, face to face conversation, email, social media and in various formats such as forms, letters, electronic file notes and conversations.

Where we store personal information

KinderPod stores customer personal information in a number of locations, including: 

  • customer documentation is scanned into KinderPod computer systems, various equipment, programmes, databases and digital archives 
  • physical paperwork is filed in a secure location 
  • electronic files are stored securely with third party cloud-hosting providers 

These storage mechanisms may be managed internally by KinderPod and held locally in Manawatu, New Zealand, or they could be managed by a third-party storage provider with whom KinderPod has a contractual relationship and be held on a server locally or overseas.

Sharing your personal information

We may share your information with others insofar as is reasonable in order to process your transaction and arrange delivery and shipping to you.