Why Choose KinderPod Over Other Multiseat Strollers?


Childcare Focused

Here at KinderPod, we make it our mission to know what you need as a childcare provider. Whether you are a preschool education provider, childminder, ECE Centre, kindergarten or daycare, we know that the safety and wellbeing of your kids is the main priority.

Which is why we bring a convenient and safe way for you to get your kids out into nature and your local community. Puddleducks Ward St says, “KinderPod allows us to get out into the local community. Our children are able to reconnect with nature and visit places of interest, safely.” 

We know that getting the right stroller is key to the success of your excursions. So, we love to chat with childcare providers and come up with a stroller solution that is really going to meet your needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss some potential options.

More Children Can Come

When you only have a single or double stroller, then you are limited by the number of children you can safely take out on adventures or excursions. But, with the KinderPod stroller, Puddleducks Gladstone say, “more children are able to come safely and our children love going for trips. Because the children are safe, it makes our jobs as teachers easier. Everyone wins!”

Depending on the KinderPod stroller package you choose, you can fit as many as six children in the stroller. Obviously, that means more children are able to adventure in nature at the same time.

Another cool thing about KinderPod is that you can configure it exactly how you need for the children you are taking out that day. With optional seats and adaptors available, you can make the KinderPod multiseat stroller match your needs. 

All Ages Can Join

Due to the many different seat configurations that KinderPod offers, you can take a wide range of ages out and about! Puddleducks Gladstone love this aspect! They say, “We love KinderPod, we are able to accommodate all our children when going on excursions. Our youngest children (6 months old) are able to join us, so everyone is included. And, it’s a lot easier than a single pram!”

The Arohanui can seat up to six children of varying ages, including babies and toddlers. And with sunshades and rain covers available for all seating options everyone will stay shaded in the sun, or dry from the rain.

Different Levels

Many other multiseat stroller units have all the children seated side-by-side at one level and all facing away from you. This design can be cumbersome and hard to push, let alone get around corners or fit through doorways! 

KinderPod allows you to maximise space by having each of the children seated at different levels. Plus, you can have some facing forward and some facing you. This allows you to give the ultimate attention to the littlest members of your excursion while the older ones get to enjoy the sights of getting out and about.

While the seats are situated at different levels, they can still be reclined for sleeping on the go.

Easy To Manoeuvre

We just mentioned that KinderPod allows you to seat children at different levels. While this is great for interacting with the children, it also makes the footprint of a KinderPod smaller than other strollers on the market. That makes the stroller much easier to manoeuvre around.

At just 74cm wide, the double Arohanui stroller fits through standard doorways. Plus, the stroller has pneumatic (air-filled) tyres for a more comfortable ride and maneuverability. 

That means you don’t only need to push your KinderPod on flat surfaces like footpaths. The maneuverability allows you to go off-road to tackle grass surfaces and nature tracks safely.

Everything Adjusts

We want your multiseat stroller to suit the needs of your children. So, there are plenty of options to make sure that is the case. Firstly, you can select a single or double stroller as your base. Then, you can add as many seats as you need. There are four different attachment pods (seats) to choose from and a total of 12 different seating combinations.

Depending on your needs, you can pick seats for toddlers or babies, or a mixture of the two. We even have a newborn sleeping mat for the tiniest Centre members. As we already mentioned, the seats can recline for sleeping, and you can even adjust the height of the handlebar for pushing comfort.

Thinking About A KinderPod?

Wondering if KinderPod could be the right multiseat stroller for your childcare Centre? Then, there are a couple of things you can do. The first is to head over to our website and look at the different Arohanui options available.  Or, if you aren’t quite sure what you need, contact our team and we can talk you through all the options as well as things like payment plans and production dates. Get in touch with us now.