Video Gallery

KinderPod 7 Seater Baby Buggy
KinderPod 7 seater with 7 babies launched for the first time at NZ Baby Show 2016.

KinderPod 7 Seater First Impressions
World first 7 children transported in a seven seater KinderPod

CubbyHouse Preschool Kinderpod Delivery
2 x quad strollers being delivered to CubbyHouse preschool.
The centre manager Michelle "the children loved their ride especially the ones who were sitting on top"

Cubby House Pre-School
CubbyHouse pre-school putting children in their Kinderpod buggy.

Kinderpod Review - Stacy
This is Stacie who did a quick review of our Kinderpod buggy at the 2016 baby show. Stacie is a well known member of the multiples society group and mum of triplets.


Here's how easy it is to load a KinderPod Double Buggy in to a car.