Your Evacuation Management Plan Sorted With KinderPod

Evacuation Management

It is the responsibility of ECE Centres and childminders to have a plan for how they might evacuate everyone in their care and employment in the event of an emergency. That’s why it is vital that every Centre must have an evacuation management plan in place.

Evacuation management for ECE Centres involves careful preparation to ensure the safety of children, staff, and visitors in the event of an emergency or evacuation situation. The specific procedures may vary depending on your location and individual circumstances, but the key components usually involve:

  • Developing a comprehensive plan for various types of emergencies - such as fire, earthquake, floods, severe weather or other potential hazards.
  • Assigning roles and responsibilities to staff members, including someone to be in charge if an evacuation needs to occur.
  • Identifying primary and secondary evacuation routes from your facility and clearly marking them with signage.
  • Ensuring all staff and children are familiar with the evacuation routes by holding regular practice drills.
  • Knowing how you are going to communicate both internally and externally in an emergency
  • Considering the additional needs of younger children or those with special needs
  • Having safety supplies and resources sufficient for the age and number of children in care
  • Complying with regulations set out by the Ministry and Education and Civil Defence 
  • Regularly reviewing your plan and supplies to make sure they remain current

Getting Everyone Out

One of the top concerns for evacuating an ECE Centre, daycare or childminding premises is the number of vulnerable individuals to get out quickly; meaning babies and small children that are too young to evacuate themselves safely.

So, you need to have a solid plan in place for how you are going to move these children quickly, efficiently and most of all, safely. 

A KinderPod 6-seat stroller can help you do this. With the ability to safely harness up to six children, you can get a lot of vulnerable people out of a building in one trip. It also provides a good visual guide for older children to meet at and gives a tangible structure for them to walk next to during the evacuation process.

With the current childcare ratios of one teacher to every four children, you can have two educators securing children into the same stroller, getting everyone safely harnessed for an efficient evacuation. Plus, there is plenty of space to store any supplies you might need also.

The Arohanui For Six

The Arohanui is our best value stroller solution. Firstly, when you choose Arohanui, you’ll start with a double stroller base. This can be used as a standalone piece or you can attach additional seats in various configurations to harness up to six children in the one stroller.

The Arohanui For Six package comes with a double recliner seat and double toddler seats. The recliner seats are perfect for infants and babies who weigh up to 8 or 12kg (depending on the configuration you choose). It can be fitted to the top of the stroller so that both little ones are facing you, or to the back of the stroller so that they face forward. Each recliner seat comes with a 5-point safety harness and is compatible with our newborn mattress or sleeping bag. 

The double toddler seat attaches to the top of the double stroller and is designed to seat toddler who can support themselves. The safety bar frame and 5-point harness ensure everyone sits comfortably and safely.

The great thing about the Arohanui for Six is that you can configure it in a way that suits your Centre. Use it as a double stroller, add two seats to be able to transport four children, or add another two seats to move six. It gives you the versatility to seat between one and six children at any time.

Storing The Arohanui For Six

One of the major concerns we hear about the Arohanui for Six is that it might be bulky to store. But it really isn’t!  If you remove the additional seats first, the six seat stroller is the width and height of a standard double stroller. When collapsed, the stroller measures a compact 120cm x 31cm.

The additional seats also compact for easy storage. The shade cover on the double recliner seat folds down, and the double toddler seat folds up to a flat pack shape. All of this creates flat parcels for easy storage in a cupboard or on storage shelves.

The awesome news is that you get all the versatility of transporting a number of children at once, but none of the bulk when it comes to storage.

Want to know more about the Arohanui for Six? Then, simply head over to our website to browse all the intricate details, or get in touch with our team to discuss any queries you may have.