7 Ways KinderPod Can Make Daycare Life Easier

7 Ways KinderPod Can Make Daycare Life Easier

There is a lot to think about in a childcare centre.

Caring for the children, managing a team of teachers, and meeting Ministry guidelines, just to name a few!

So, you can’t be blamed if you are looking for ways to make daycare life that little bit easier.

A KinderPod multi-seat stroller could make that happen.

Let’s explore the ways it can help make life easier for daycares, childcare centres and childminding businesses.

7 Ways KinderPod Can Make Daycare Life Easier

  1. Safe Transportation Of Multiple Children

    Funnily enough, the biggest advantage of having a multi-seat stroller in your daycare is that you can transport multiple children at once. But, even better than that, you can do it safely and efficiently.

    No matter where you are going, you can harness both babies and toddlers into the KinderPod knowing that they will be comfortably seated and safe. Depending on your needs, you can configure the seats in the stroller to comfortably seat up to four babies and toddlers for an excursion, or up to six in an emergency evacuation situation.

    With a strong, lightweight frame, secure, adjustable harnesses that meet safety standards, and great manoeuvrability, the KinderPod will get you moving over a variety of different terrains and can help you navigate tight spaces with ease.

  2. Greater Learning Opportunities

    Nature and the world around us can be amazing teachers. There is so much for little minds to learn by simply getting out and about, exploring different environments. And the KinderPod multi-seat stroller helps you to see it all.

    When the kids are harnessed into a KinderPod, you can have the confidence to leave your Centre knowing the children will be safe. And the learning opportunities don’t just happen when you get to your excursion destination. With awesome visibility from all of the stroller seats, the children can learn about nature, road safety and community engagement as they go!

    Plus, as they all sit together, they are practising their social skills without even realising it. Naturally, they will chat and learn about good behaviour when sitting in close proximity to their peers. This element of group interaction fosters socialisation and cooperation, two vital life skills.

  3. Safer Emergency Evacuations

    In an emergency, you want to get the children out of harm’s way and into a safe space as quickly as possible. And the KinderPod can help you do that.

    For a start, you know it is a secure option where the children will be safe. You also have great visual supervision as you will be able to see all the children you are harnessing at once. The KinderPod also becomes an excellent teacher of routine, as children who are old enough can assemble there for evacuation.

    Because of its great capacity, you can harness and move up to six children of varying ages at one time, making it a time efficient and safe emergency evacuation tool.

  4. More Opportunities To Be Active

    We don’t have to tell you that keeping the children active while they are at your Centre has numerous benefits for their overall development, health and wellbeing. Physical development, health and fitness, cognitive development and emotional wellbeing all get a positive boost when they are staying active.

    The KinderPod can help you create more active opportunities. A simple excursion to the local library or park becomes so much easier when you have a safe and secure transport system for multiple children. These little trips engage young minds and keep them moving.

  5. Organisation

    It can feel overwhelming to plan safe ways to take the children away from your Centre. But, being able to have all of the children in a single stroller helps your teachers maintain better organisation and control during outings.

    Not only does this minimise the risk of children wandering off or being in an unsafe environment, but it also protects the mental health of your staff as they don’t have unnecessary safety worries. It also protects against fatigue as they don’t have the physically exhausting worry of carrying multiple children or dealing with numerous strollers. This can help them to be better teachers as they stay refreshed and well.

    With enhanced supervision opportunities, your team can deal with any needs or concerns that arise quickly and efficiently. They can also have all the supplies they need on hand and in one place with the wealth of storage that a KinderPod provides.

  6. Convenience

    As we just mentioned, it can be physically taxing to carry or manage multiple children by yourself. But, the KinderPod gives you a convenient home base to keep the children safe and protect against physical strain.

    Easy to clean and maintain, the KinderPod keeps you moving and is ready to go at a moment’s notice. Instead of being one of the things you need to worry about for an excursion, the KinderPod is a tool that gives you peace of mind and convenience, making excursions simpler and safer.

    It is also incredibly convenient when it comes to storage. Instead of needing to find the space to store multiple single strollers when they aren’t in use, you can simply store one unit, saving space and making storage more manageable.

  7. Inclusivity

    Inclusivity is a huge thing for daycare centres. Often, each Centre will have a wide range of ages, abilities and cultures within its roll. Catering for everyone and making sure they feel a part of the activities is vital.

    A multi-seat stroller like the KinderPod allows you to include children of varying ages or abilities in activities, ensuring everyone can participate comfortably. With great accessibility features, you can cater to children with special needs, so that they can be easily included in group outings too.

    The safe and efficient transport of the children can also increase parental satisfaction, helping the parents to see their children safe and well cared for on trips away from the Centre. Using a high-quality, safe stroller like the KinderPod reflects positively on your Centre, promoting professionalism and trust among the parents and caregivers.

Make Life Easier At Your Daycare

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