Single Recliner Baby Seat

  • This seat attachment will convert a KinderPod single stroller to walk from one up to three children and a KinderPod double stroller to seat from one to six children.

    You decide where to seat children whether going out on a walk to the park, a buggy adventure to explore the outdoors or a stroll to the shops.

    A single recliner baby seat is interchangeable between the top, rear & front position of either a KinderPod double buggy (side x side) or single baby buggy.

    When attached to the front of a KinderPod single buggy or double buggy it is suitable for newborns.

    When attached to the top position it is suitable for newborn and babies.

    Attached in the rear position it is suitable for newborn and babies only when  and  children are seated in the main seat of the stroller.

    *An adaptor bar will need to be ordered separately to attach to the front or top position (see accessories)

    What is included:
    - Seat frame
    - Fabric set
    - 5 point safety harness
    - Fully assembled