Why KinderPod?



Did you know that KinderPod multi-seat strollers are the strongest and most versatile strollers in the world? 

That’s right – these are the strollers that other strollers wish they were. 

We know this because that was our mission: to create safe, secure, easy to manoeuvre pushchairs that can accommodate up to six children and grow with your needs.

We also know this because our customers tell us that their KinderPod stroller has changed their lives. 

For childminders and caregivers looking after little ones – KinderPod has made their lives smoother and more manageable, providing them with the freedom to head out and about with one kid or six.

But of course, you don’t have to take our word for it! A pushchair is a considerable investment, so you need to make sure the one you choose is right for you.

If you’re considering a multi-seat stroller, we’re pleased as punch that you’ve wound up here, because we know that a KinderPod would suit you to a T.

If you have doubts or questions about why you should invest in a KinderPod stroller, this blog is for you! 

Let’s talk about some of the reasons why KinderPod is the best choice around and what Claire, one of our UK childminders had to say!


Why KinderPod?

Making Things Easier

“As a childminder, I have tried countless buggies looking for the perfect one - I can now stop searching!!!  

My double Kinderpod with the option to accommodate an additional two children below or above, really has made my job so much easier.”  


Spacious Seats And Roomy Pods

Can you even imagine a stroller that fits six children of various ages? Many people assume that the kids must be squished together in a pile to prevent the pushchair from being enormous, but this isn’t the case with KinderPod strollers.

Whether your base option is the Aroha single stroller or the Arohanui double stroller, there’s plenty of room, even for the slightly older kids.

The main seat or seats are spacious and can easily accommodate kids up to five or six years of age. And the Pods (extra seat attachments), although cosy and comfy, aren’t constrictive. They can accommodate newborn babies or toddlers quite effortlessly, giving you lots of flexibility to transport small children and not-so-small children! 

“The main seats are extremely spacious, which easily accommodated a 5year old last week after hurting herself; and the toddler seats positioned above the handlebar are generous with my toddlers and pre-schoolers sitting comfortably whenever they get the opportunity!”


Endless Options For Versatility And Flexibility

Imagine having to buy a new stroller each time you welcomed a new child into your childminding service. Things would get pretty expensive quickly!

With the KinderPod, that’s not a problem. You can start small with a single or double stroller and add (or remove) Pods (extra seats) as needed. 

You can easily switch around the seating arrangements from day to day, mixing and matching between top toddler seats and reclining baby seats to create the stroller that suits your needs from week to month to year.


Just how versatile is the KinderPod? 

Well, the KinderPod Arohanui Double Stroller has a choice of four different seat attachments (aka Pods) to choose from and has a total of ten different seating combinations (holding a maximum of six children).

“The fact that I can switch around the seat attachments depending upon the requirements of the children attending and where we are going is ideal!  

Tired babies can have their nap fully reclined below the older children on a day out at the zoo; before switching positions so the older ones can walk (or have a better view from the seats above!) and the babies be involved from the main buggy.”


Reclinable Seats For Nap Times

Kids can be unpredictable. One minute they’re full of beans and zipping around; the next, they’re ready for naptime!

While most kids can fall asleep almost anywhere, some may prefer to lie down for a snooze – that’s where the versatility we talked about comes in handy! 

You can set up babies to have their nap fully reclined below the older children on a day out, then switch positions later so the older ones can walk (or get a birds-eye view from the seats above) and the babies sit in prime position in the main buggy.


Face To Face, Eye-level Seats Provide More Interaction

Sometimes when you’re out and about, it’s nice to be able to chat with the babies or toddlers in your care, make eye contact, and interact. But if the little ones are always sitting in the stroller facing away from you, this can’t happen.

One of the best things about the KinderPod is that you can seat your children face-to-face with you at eye level as you stroll. This provides extra opportunities throughout the day to focus on speech and language development during walks. It also helps them engage more with their surrounding environment. 

“One of my personal favourite things about the Kinderpod buggy is that I have the opportunity to seat children face-to-face at eye-level with me, providing additional opportunities throughout the day to focus on speech and language development during our walks as well as helping them engage with the surrounding environment.”


Increased Safety And Stability

Worried about safety? You don’t need to be when you use a KinderPod. We prioritise safety over attractiveness (although we still think our strollers are pretty snazzy!) 

KinderPods are stable and sturdy enough to handle a wide variety of terrains without any concerns about tipping, even when the double seat below is fully reclined.

“I am about 5ft 5in and was worried that I would struggle with the double toddler seat above, but although I cannot see down to the front of the buggy, I have sufficient visibility around and in between the two children sat above to ensure I'm not running anyone over in front of me!!

The new version of the Kinderpod is much more stable than my original version and, even with the double seat below fully reclined, feels comfortable to use without the worry of the buggy tipping.  

It is easy to manoeuvre and light to push when fully loaded compared to other triple buggies I have had previously.”


Easy To Manoeuvre And Light To Push

Caregivers know first-hand how heavy toddlers can feel when they end up carrying them around a park or supermarket because they refuse to walk!

So how heavy would a stroller be when there are four, five, or six littlies inside!?

This is a concern many of our customers have, but one that soon disappears after they use their KinderPod for the first time.

KinderPods are definitely sturdy, but they are light enough to push and easily manoeuvre even when fully loaded.


Compact Enough To Fit Through Standard Doorways

Another common misconception that people have about KinderPod pushchairs is that they must be clunky and oversized to hold all those kids.

Not so! Even when you’re using additional seat attachments, even the double buggy feels compact to use and fits through standard sized doors easily.


Easy To Add Or Remove Pods On The Go

Taking care of pre-schoolers and babies is challenging enough – the last thing you need to do is be fussing with attaching and removing fiddly seat attachments!

Not an issue with KinderPod. All the Pods are easy to add on or remove, so you won’t be wasting precious time trying to customise your stroller while juggling the kids!

“The additional seats are easy to take on and off when not required and the buggy folds very flat to go in the car.  If necessary the handlebar and/or wheels are easily removed and re-attached.” 


Folds Down Flat For Transport

The same thing goes for transportation: KinderPod strollers fold down very flat to fit into the car after you’ve taken care of your chores or finished your walk. 

If necessary, the handlebar and/or wheels are easily removed and reattached too.

“The frame is very sturdy and yes it is heavy - but not too heavy to make it difficult to lift in and out even if you lack upper body strength like me!

Even with the additional seat attachments, the buggy feels compact to use and fits through standard sized doors easily.”


KinderPods Grow With Your Needs

We understand that a quality stroller is an investment, and not one you want to have to make every few years. 

That’s why we designed KinderPods to last and grow with your needs. As your childminding business grows, so can your stroller – with a range of seat attachments to accommodate new littlies. 

“I'm so pleased I went ahead with the purchase, it was a difficult decision without being able to look at or try one first, but it really has made day-to-day life so much easier as well as enabled me to take on a new sibling (which in effect paid for the buggy!).”

Check out our KinderPod strollers here.