Arohanui - The Versatile Stroller with Big Love for Lots of Kids


Arohanui – The Versatile Double Stroller With Big Love For Lots Of Kids

When you’re taking care of multiple young children, you need a smarter and easy way to take young learners our for a walk in their local community and surrounds.

It is so easy to expand your heart when a new little one comes into your care, right?

But, love will only get you so far when there are all those little people to co-ordinate to leave a day care centre or childminder facility.

Fortunately, Kinderpod’s Arohanui doyble stroller can help with making life easier. And love is right there in the name! Arohanui does mean big love in NZ Maori after all.

Our double stroller which converts to amulti-seat stroller is a life-changer for ECE teacher, childminders and parents with two or more little ones to care for. Safely transporting up to six young learners in various configurations, the Arohanui double pushchair helps you get out and about with minimal fuss.

Want to know more? Let’s get to know the Kinderpod Arohanui.



The Most Versatile Stroller You’ll Ever Meet

How versatile is the Arohanui double stroller? We think you can’t get much better than offering 10 different possible seating arrangements!

As a standalone, the Arohanui comes as a double stroller, seating two infants or toddlers side by side. But with various add-on seats (pods), it can safely and comfortably transport up to six kids.

Add a single toddler seat or baby recliner seat to accommodate three children. If you need to seat more kids, you can select optional double or single toddler seats and single or double recliner baby seats.

Optional seats attach securely to the top of the stroller facing you, or there are options to attach seats to the rear of the main double buggy.

By simply removing or adding any of the four different attachment seats (pods), you can scale your stroller to have the right seat combination for the children in your care.  If the age of children in your care changes daily, weekly or monthly – your KinderPod can adapt.

Arohanui is designed to grow with your childcare needs. It’s made for strength so it can be relied on to go the distance.


Make Life Easier

In spite of its add-ons, the Arohanui stroller is not difficult to use. There are only three touchpoints to collapse the buggy, plus a spring button for easy removal of wheels and a height-adjustable handlebar.

We are determined to make life easier for our customers, so our team is always here to offer advice or support on the best Arohanui configuration for you. Our website also features plenty of useful videos to show you exactly how to use your stroller.

Heading out with kids usually requires a bag full of supplies, and there’s plenty of room for all of them in the backpack bag under the main seat of the stroller.


Go Wherever You Want

Six kids take up a lot of space, right? Not so much when they are tucked safely into the Kinderpod Arohanui! Even with all the possible attachments, this pram is only 74cm wide, so it still fits through standard doorways, down shopping aisles, and wherever else you need to go.

We know you won’t always be walking down concrete pavements. That’s why we’ve equipped our strollers with larger, stronger wheels that can easily handle the park, the paddock, or a country road. Fabienne Carter a childminder from the United Kingdom expresses “how easy the stroller is to push in spite of walking three plus children.”

That means you can get out and enjoy the same adventures as everyone else. Freedom is the opportunity to do the things you want to do when you want to do them. And the Arohanui gives childminders and parents the exact same freedom.



Super Versatile Stroller Service

At Kinderpod, we don’t simply want to sell you a versatile stroller. Rather we want you to get the most out of every day and our strollers will enable you to do that.

On the rare occasion that you might have a problem, then our support team is only a message or a phone call away. Whether you need a spare part, repairs, advice, or instructions, we will always be there to help.

The Arohanui empowers you to be able to get out and live the life you love with the kids you love and care for. We want to make sure there is nothing that holds you back from doing that.


Big Love For This Versatile Stroller

Arohanui translates to “big love” in New Zealand’s native Te Reo Maori language. Not only can it hold a whole lot of your lovable littlies, but our customers fall in love with the simplicity, versatility, and freedom of this impressive multi-seat stroller.

If you would like to see the Arohanui in action, head over to our website for more specs and videos.