KinderPod Double - Four Seater Bundle

KinderPod Double - Four Seater Bundle

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The worlds best pram to walk one up to six children by simply adding or removing optional seats that attach to your KinderPod double stroller.

Perfect for families with multiple children, twins, triplets or quadruplets and any child care services. 

There are a choice of five different attachment seats (pods) to create the right seating combination to take multiple children aged from newborn to pre-school on adventure buggy walks, strolls to the park and walks to the local library for example.

On any day you have the choice to walk, one child up to four children (weight dependant) aged from newborn to pre-school.

A KinderPod four seat buggy package includes a double pushchair (side x side) and a double recliner baby seat.  

Two children are seated in the main seats of the double stroller and two children are seated in a double recliner seat attached in the rear position. 

The double recliner baby seat also attaches to the double buggy in the top position and we have included a top position adaptor bar free of charge in this deal.

*The double recliner baby seat also attaches to the double buggy in the front position with an additional adaptor bar (ordered separately)

What is Included

A KinderPod double - four seat package includes;

  • KinderPod double buggy (side x side) 
  • Double recliner baby seat - rear or top position
  • Double or Single recliner baby seat adaptor bar - top position
  • Double raincover
  • Double sunshade
  • 2 x new born mattresses

*Total weight capacity of double buggy including additional seating is 70 kg.