Arohanui - Infinity
Arohanui - Infinity
Arohanui - Infinity
Arohanui - Infinity
Arohanui - Infinity

Arohanui - Infinity

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The KinderPod Arohanui (Big Love in Maori) is the worlds most versatile double side x side stroller/pram!

This amazing buggy walks from one up to six children by simply adding or removing optional seats that attach to your KinderPod Arohanui double stroller.  

Perfect for families with multiple children, twins, triplets or quadruplets and any child minder services.

The Arohanui can be used as a double stroller as a starting point for multiples of two and can be scaled as your family grows.

There is a choice of five different attachment seats (pods) to create the right seating combination.  

You decide where to seat children, aged from newborn to pre-school, whether going on adventure buggy walks, strolls around your community or taking your family out for a walk to get fresh air.


    *Total weight capacity 70 kgs.

    Weight of buggy 15 kg

    Width 770 mm

    Height in walking mode - 1.030 mm (from ground to top of hood)

    Length 1.050 mm (Collapsed wheels off)

    Length 1.200 mm (Collapsed wheels on)

    Height 230 mm (Collapsed wheels off)

    Height 310 mm (Collapsed wheels on) Wheel diameter is 310 mm