About Us

While the mainstream baby buggy market is well and truly saturated,
here at KinderPod.com we got thinking about the growing family as
opposed to “the beautiful wee new arrival” in its own right.

While that cute wee new arrival may be your first born, in another 
family situation it could be the second, third, fourth, fifth or 
even sixth child to join the family.

We had also discovered through talking with parents who had 
multiple births that there were very few transport systems available 
to cater to twins, triplets, quads etc and in particular, when there 
were already toddlers in the family mix.

So we started thinking… How do we produce a buggy or travel 
system that can be modular so that it can be adapted to any 
parents needs no matter what the makeup of their young family is?


If this baby is their first, how can this buggy grow as their family grows?


People started talking to us about how their children would benefit 
from a multi child travelling system when they were at day-care!

We engaged with pre-school centre operators and they loved the concept.

Off we went to our engineers and fabric designers who toiled away 
in good ole Kiwi fashion and the KinderPod was born. It is strong, 
it is durable but best of all its versatility is unique anywhere in the world.

In the real world there is no one size fits all - KinderPod is about 
upsizing, downsizing and expanding or reducing when you need to.

KinderPod provides parents and caregivers the freedom to explore and 
take in the sights and sounds of their local communities with one or 
up to six pre school children, safely and securely harnessed into 
their comfy KinderPod buggy.