Aroha - For Two  (Recliner Baby Seat)
Aroha - For Two  (Recliner Baby Seat)

Aroha - For Two (Recliner Baby Seat)

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This Aroha stroller for two will walk up to two children.  This package includes a single baby recliner seat that attaches in the top position to your KinderPod Aroha single stroller.   

This seating arrangement is ideal for two babies or a toddler and baby and can be further adapted by adding an optional seat to create alternative seating arrangements in the future as your family grows.

Both the baby recliner seat and main seat of the stroller recline for sleeping position.


    Total weight capacity 50 kg

    Weight of buggy 12 kg

    Width 60 cm

    Height in walking mode - 1.030 mm (from ground to top of hood)

    Length 1.050 mm (Collapsed wheels off)

    Length 1.200 mm (Collapsed wheels on)

    Height 230 mm (Collapsed wheels off)

    Height 310 mm (Collapsed wheels on) Wheel diameter is 310 mm